Structural Engineering

Our organization offers a comprehensive suite of structural engineering design services related to the design, analysis, and assessment of structures throughout various stages of a project’s life cycle. Our team actively collaborates with owners, architects, other engineering professionals, and contractors to deliver innovative solutions of varying complexity, size, and type. We consistently strive to achieve optimal balance among critical factors such as form, function, sustainability, constructability, schedule, and cost.

Our services can be availed as a standalone option or as a component of a comprehensive, integrated design package encompassing:

  • Buildings (Single and Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, and Industrial) with Wood, Steel, Reinforced Concrete, & Masonry Materials
  • Bridges, Towers (Telecommunication, Guyed , Monopoles), and other infrastructure 
  • Telecommunication Tower Design including Self-support, Guyed Towers, and Monopoles
  • Roof-top and Supports
  • Retaining walls
  • Design of Mechanical equipment bracing
  • Structural health monitoring and evaluation
  • Building Permit application 
  • Building information modeling (BIM) and computer-aided design (CAD) services
  • Project and construction management consultancy services

Alphaplex provides complete project management solutions with flexible service packages including any or all of the below:

  • Project Planning
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Forecasting & Costing
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Preparation
  • Contract Management
  • Tendering & Subtrade Selection
  • Subcontract Negotiations
  • Building Permit & Rezoning Applications
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Control & Scheduling
  • Cost Control & Financial Tracking
  • Milestone Progress Reporting
  • Site Supervision & Safety
  • Site Meeting Leadership
  • Contractor & Supplier Management
  • Shop Drawing Review & Coordination
  • Final Occupancy & Handover

Our services provide several phases of the project life-cycle and give certainty to you on all three key project parameters: cost, quality, and time.

The expertise of Alphaplex Consulting Ltd. offers clients exemplary customer service from concept through to project completion. We take the surprises out of construction by providing our clients with accurate budgets and detailed estimates before the work begins. Our broad experience base assists our firm in solving our clients’ specific problems in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Provision of engineering and technical support throughout the lifecycle of the project

  • Field Review
  • Building Code Analysis and Compliance Reviews
  • Owner, Landlord, and Tenant Improvements
  • CAD and Drafting Services
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Earthquake and WIND Engineering

Alphaplex offers services specializing in the analysis and design of structures to resist the impacts of earthquakes and wind loadings. These services are provided by a highly skilled team of qualified engineers and technicians who leverage advanced software and tools to design and analyze structures in compliance with relevant codes, standards, and regulations. 

  • Ground motion and wind tunnel testing and analysis 

Comprising site specific wind exerted on towers, both bare and iced.

  • Structural response analysis and design for seismic and wind loadings.

For seismic and wind loads, PBDE involves the following key aspects: 

  • Performance Objectives: Engineers and stakeholders define performance objectives that the structure needs to meet. These objectives could involve limiting structural damage, preventing collapse, maintaining functionality, and ensuring occupant safety during seismic events or high wind conditions. 

  • Load Characterization: Engineers carefully characterize the seismic and wind loads that the structure is likely to experience based on the specific location, geological conditions, wind speed maps, and other relevant factors. 

  • Structural Analysis: Advanced structural analysis methods are used to simulate how the structure will respond to different loading scenarios. This includes dynamic analysis for seismic loads and wind tunnel testing or computational fluid dynamics for wind loads. 

  • Performance Metrics: Engineers establish performance metrics that quantify how well the structure performs under the defined objectives. These metrics could involve measures like displacement limits, acceleration thresholds, or damage indices. 

  • Iterative Design: Engineers use the analysis results to iteratively refine the design, making adjustments to structural components, materials, and configurations to ensure the structure meets the desired performance criteria. 

  • Resilience and Redundancy: PBDE often emphasizes designing structures to be resilient, meaning they can absorb and recover from extreme events. Redundancy in structural systems can enhance their ability to withstand unexpected loads. 

  • Probabilistic Approaches: PBDE often incorporates probabilistic approaches to account for uncertainties in loads, materials, and other factors. This helps in estimating the likelihood of meeting performance objectives. 

  • Life-Cycle Considerations: PBDE can also consider the entire life cycle of a structure, accounting for factors like maintenance, repair, and potential retrofits. 

  • Regulatory Compliance: PBDE requires collaboration with regulatory bodies to ensure that performance-based designs meet or exceed safety codes and standards. 

Both seismic and wind loads are dynamic and complex, making them suitable candidates for performance-based design and evaluation. This approach allows engineers to design structures that not only meet safety requirements but also perform optimally under extreme conditions, contributing to the overall resilience of the built environment. 


Seismic Evaluation, Restoration,
and Renewal

At AlphaPlex we understand how structures are built and function. We know how they deteriorate and fail, and how to most effectively maintain and repair them for lasting value. Our slogan is FIX IT ONCE – FIX IT RIGHT.  These services are typically provided by a team of specialized engineers, architects, and construction professionals who have extensive experience in structural restoration, retrofitting repair, and renewal projects. The goal is to restore or enhance the safety, function, and longevity of existing structures in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Inspection and Evaluation of the Structural integrity

Inspection and monitoring of structures for signs of damage or deterioration

Assessment of the structural integrity of existing buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure

Tower Inspection, and Audit

Soft Story Reports

Retrofitting and rehabilitation of existing structures to improve their earthquake resistance and seismic safety

Development of custom solutions for unique restoration and retrofitting challenges
Project management and construction supervision to ensure the quality and safety of the restoration and retrofitting work

Structural restoration of heritage and historic buildings to preserve their architectural and cultural significance

Unreinforced Masonry retrofits

Repair and renewal of aging or deteriorating structures to extend their lifespan and ensure safety