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As a specialized consulting firm, we excel in the fields of civil and structural engineering. Our team of technical experts thrives on confronting complex challenges, harnessing their expertise to provide innovative solutions for a diverse range of unique and multifaceted problems. 


As the CEO of ALPHAPLEX CONSULTING, our engineering firm has been providing comprehensive analysis, design, draft and construction supervision services since 2019. ALPHAPLEX specializes in project management for both new and renovation/retrofitting projects. Our services encompass the structural designs for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, as well as unique structures like telecommunication and transmission towers, and antenna support frames. We follow this with the preparation of drawings, schedules and reports, and we conduct on-site inspections throughout the construction phase to ensure quality and adherence to specifications.


Our company offers a full spectrum of project management and structural design services, including seismic, and wind load evaluations. We begin with conceptual design and site plan drafts and extend our services to as-built drawings.